General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Scope of application

The following General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to all business transactions between “Kinesiologie Zürich Enge – Alinda Enzler” and its clients. The GTCs are based on Swiss law and apply in Switzerland and abroad. They apply for the duration of the business relationship. These terms and conditions are deemed to be accepted upon commissioning. Any deviations from these GTCs must be agreed in writing in advance.

Contract partner

The contract is concluded between the client and the provider on the basis of these General Terms and Conditions (GTC). Kinesiologie Zürich Enge – Alinda Enzler

Praxisgemeinschaft am Waffenplatz
Brandschenkestrasse 177
8002 Zurich

Phone: +41 77 267 28 96

Authorized representative
Alinda Enzler, Owner (see above for contact details)

Object of the contract

The contract is concluded by making an appointment and/or by providing the service. This contract governs the offer and sale of services via the provider’s website. For details of the respective offer, please refer to the product description on the offer page.

Scope of order and conditions

The scope of the assignment and the detailed objectives are set out in a separate agreement. At the beginning of a process, the provider clarifies the respective expectations of the session together with the client. The hourly rate is CHF 72 / 60 minutes. Additional work will be charged pro rata per 5 minutes. For workshops, seminars, lectures and other services, Kinesiologie Zürich Enge – Alinda Enzler will submit a customized offer (including preparation and follow-up). 

Terms and conditions of payment

The client only has the following payment options: TWINT, bank transfer and cash payment. Other payment methods are not offered and will be rejected.

Kinesiologie Zürich Enge – Alinda Enzler normally issues invoices after the service has been provided. The invoice amount is to be transferred to the account specified on the invoice, which contains all the details for the bank transfer and is sent by e-mail. The client is obliged to transfer the stated amount to the account specified on the invoice within 15 days of receipt of the invoice. Payment is due without deduction from the invoice date. The client shall only be in default after receiving a reminder.


Additional expenses for personality profiles or similar, which are created in connection with our work in consultation with the client, will be invoiced effectively.

Cost coverage health insurance

The client is responsible for clarifying the assumption of costs.

Cancellation conditions / Cancellation costs

It is possible to cancel a session free of charge up to 24 hours before the agreed appointment. For Monday appointments, a free cancellation is possible until 12:00 noon on Friday, after which the fee is due in full.

Workshops, seminars, lectures, other services:
Up to 5 working days before the start of the order, we charge for our effective preparatory work including expenses (according to the agreed daily rate for implementation). In the event of withdrawal less than 5 working days before the start of the order, at least 50% of the offer amount will be charged. The total amount will be charged after the start of the treatment.

Kinesiologie Zürich Enge – Alinda Enzler reserves the right to postpone appointments for important reasons. If a postponement is not possible on the part of the client, the contract is deemed to have been terminated. If advance payments have already been made, these will be refunded in full. Further claims are excluded.

If a course is canceled, payment of the remaining fee will be waived.

If a participant wishes to withdraw from the registration or cancel the course, they must inform the organizer in writing by e-mail. If the organizer receives the cancellation after the start date of the course, one third of the participation fee will be charged as a cancellation fee or the advance payment will not be refunded.

Client's duty to cooperate

Kinesiology is based on cooperation and mutual trust. We would like to point out that kinesiology is a free, active and self-responsible process and that certain successes cannot be guaranteed. Kinesiologie Zürich Enge – Alinda Enzler is at the client’s side as a process facilitator and supporter for decisions and changes – the actual change work is done by the client. The client should therefore be willing and open to dealing with themselves and their situation. The same applies to consulting, services and training for the client.


We commit ourselves to maintain unlimited confidentiality towards third parties about all operational, business and private matters of the client that become known in the course of our work, even after termination of the contract.

Kinesiologie Zürich Enge – Alinda Enzler is subject to a duty of confidentiality. However, we reserve the right to waive our duty of confidentiality should a risk of injury to ourselves or others become apparent. In this case, we will contact a professional body.

Copyright, terms of use

The copyright and all other rights to content, images, photos or other files on this website belong exclusively to Kinesiologie Zürich Enge – Alinda Enzler. The written consent of the copyright holder must be obtained in advance for the reproduction of any elements.

The copyright to all documents, concepts, drafts and other materials created by Kinesiologie Zürich Enge – Alinda Enzler as part of the service remains with Kinesiologie Zürich Enge – Alinda Enzler.

All material in any form created by Kinesiologie Zürich Enge – Alinda Enzler as part of a service or made available to the Client as part of the provision of the service may in any case only be reproduced, published or made publicly accessible with the express written consent of Kinesiologie Zürich Enge – Alinda Enzler. In particular, it may not be used for similar services, revised, rewritten or changed or adapted in any other way.


Our activity is a pure service activity. Success is neither guaranteed nor owed. Slight negligence is excluded. All participants are insured personally or by their employer.

The dispatch or electronic transmission of any data is at the client’s risk.

Exclusion of liability for content and links

Although Kinesiologie Zürich Enge – Alinda Enzler always takes the greatest care to ensure the accuracy of the information published, it cannot accept any liability for the correctness, accuracy, up-to-dateness, reliability and completeness of the information.

Liability claims against Kinesiologie Zürich Enge – Alinda Enzler for material or immaterial damage resulting from access to, use or non-use of the published information, from misuse of the connection or from technical faults are excluded.

Kinesiologie Zürich Enge – Alinda Enzler expressly reserves the right to change, delete or temporarily or permanently cease publication of all or part of the content without prior notice.

References and links to third-party websites are outside the area of responsibility of Kinesiologie Zürich Enge – Alinda Enzler. The design, content and offers are entirely the responsibility of the respective third party. Kinesiologie Zürich Enge – Alinda Enzler declines any responsibility for such websites. Access to and use of such websites is at the user’s own risk.

Insurance cover

The organizer of team coaching sessions, seminars, workshops etc. is always the client. Participants therefore have no insurance cover from Kinesiologie Zürich Enge – Alinda Enzler.

Legal venue

The place of jurisdiction is Zurich. Swiss law shall apply.

Severability clause

The invalidity of a provision of these GTC shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The invalid provision shall then be replaced by a provision that comes as close as possible to the meaning of the invalid provision.