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Are you often stressed and exhausted?
Do you struggle to perceive your needs and act on them?
Does your life pass you by without you actively shaping it yourself?
Or do you simply want to develop yourself physically or emotionally?

Kinesiology can help you find your inner center and achieve your goals. I will be happy to accompany you in your personal process and support you in finding your strength.


Kinesiology is a combination of conversation therapy and bodywork. It is a holistic method for identifying and releasing stress and mental blockages. In this way, untapped potential can be exploited and a deep state of fulfillment can be achieved.

Field of application

Thanks to the holistic approach of kinesiology, the body’s own self-healing powers are activated. This increases resilience and lays the foundation for a fulfilled life. There are practically no limits to the possible applications of kinesiology.

My Philosophy

The human being is the sum of body, mind and soul. In order to promote positive growth, all three levels must be in harmony. I focus on this trinity and support you in your individual development based on your own needs.

The right time is now.

We often wait for the “right time” to change something. But the longer we wait, the smaller our room for action becomes. As a result, we react to life instead of actively shaping it ourselves. It’s never too late to take the first step. Start now and take the reins.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can book your appointment directly online using the booking tool on my website. If you can’t find a suitable date, please contact me by phone or email. There are usually spontaneous vacancies that I can offer you.

You don’t need to bring anything for the session. I recommend that you wear comfortable clothes so you can move around in. For a session to be successful, you must be willing to open up and address your issues.

I am happy to offer sessions in German and English.

As I am still in training, you benefit from a reduced price and enjoy the full service. Sessions usually last 60 – 90 minutes. The cost is CHF 72 / 60 minutes. Billing is based on the actual time spent (CHF 6.00 / 5 minutes). 

I am currently in my 3rd year of training to become a certified integrative kinesiologist. The health insurance companies will only cover part of the costs after I graduate. You currently bear the costs alone.

No problem, it can happen. If you are unable to attend, please cancel at least 24 hours before your agreed appointment. If you cancel later or do not cancel at all, 100% of the agreed time will be charged.

Enough of fighting symptoms?

Do you want to discover the real reasons behind your issues and solve them sustainably?

Get in touch

I look forward to hearing from you by phone, e-mail or via the contact form.


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