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‘Cosmetic’ acupuncture is the newest weapon in the anti-ageing war!

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Botox is so passé. Facial acupuncture is where it’s at!!!…..Daily Mail

Hold the Chemicals, Bring on the Needles…New York Times

Now, thanks to more robust marketing, cosmetic acupuncture has caught the attention of the wrinkled public. Its holistic approach appeals in particular to women who want to slow signs of aging, but don’t want to undergo surgery or to inject chemicals.
.A needle penetrating the dermis stimulates the body to produce collagen, increases circulation in the face which helps to reduce wrinkles and age spots.

After the first treatment you can see that you look refreshed….after a number of sessions the lines on your face become finer.

Micronutrients for Mental Health

The rising use of broad-spectrum micronutrients to support mental wellness and brain–gut health.

Once limited to naturopaths and natural health practitioners, broad-spectrum micronutrient supplementation has matured from an alternative mental health solution to an empowered choice for doctors and consumers seeking to foster both brain and gut health. As a recent entrant into the micronutrients space, MicroNourish has embarked on a mission to catalyse this paradigm shift and support the wider education about the role that micronutrients can play in supporting mental wellness.


Dysmenorrhea- Panful Menstruation

Unfortunately painful periods affects many women and for some, may be for some days debilitating. I once had a patient who was in so much pain she went to the hospital. The diagnosis was…dysmenorrhea….which made me laugh as the patient knew she had painful periods and didn’t need a specialist to tell her this! Nevertheless, this proves how crippling the pain can be! One must also remember that a little discomfort is normal and only when it is so bad that one needs pain killers, can the diagnosis be dysmenorrhea.
Primary dysmenorrhea starts at the onset of, or soon after, the menstrual cycle of a young girl, while secondary dysmenorrhea develops later in life due to other extenuating reasons. From a western point of view the treatment of choice is Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or birth control pill to reduce the severity, unless of course the underlying cause comes from some other disease.
From a Chinese point of view we need to differentiate between excess/ deficiency, cold/heat, qi or blood. As a therapist the treatment principle is to regulate qi and blood and maintain a proper flow in the area. Beside acupuncture, certain herbal formulas are prescribed, which can be best for breaking up the stagnation, while other formulas treat cold and/or dampness obstructing the uterus. There are a variety of other different syndromes that could be the cause of dysmenorrhea. Once identified, the correct formula will be tailor made for you.
Many patients ask me what they can do to help themselves. From a lifestyle point of view, one should ‘try’ and avoid stress, as this is a causative factor for stagnation and pain. One should avoid cold, raw foods and beverages. Swimming and exposure to cold climates are also not recommended, especially during the period, as this also contributes to stagnation.
Dysmenorrhea does not have to something you must simply ‘suffer’ with as a woman. Seek treatment and free yourself from the pain along with any other extenuating symptoms.

Dolores Baretta
Dipl. Acupuncurist and Herbalist

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is defined as bilarerally enlarged ovaries with multiple cystic follicles that appear like thickened capsules.

PCOS can cause infertility and this is where I tend to see women coming for help. Some of the causes of PCOS may be excessive insulin, which might boost androgen production in the ovaries, it may also be hereditary or abnormal fetal deveopment.

Symptoms include abnormal mentrual bleeding, with long cycles, fewer than 8 cycles in a year, no bleeding for more than 4 months and/or prolonged periods. The imbalance between lutenizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone prevents the ovaries from releasing an egg each month. The ova therefore does not mature which leaves many incompletely developed follicles.

From a Chinese point of view the organ effected is the Kidneys as they are responsible for reproduction as well as Jing (Essence). THE excessive mucous and thickened cysts tranlastes into damp/phlegm or Qi and Blood stagnantion. For Kidney dificiency the therapist can prescribe Er Xian Tang or You Gui Wan. For Qi and Blood Stagnantion, use the herbal formula Feng Er Zhu Wan or Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang or for Damp Phlegm accumulation, use Cang Fu Dao Tan Tang or San Ling Jian. Formulas should be modified to suite the patient.

From a lifestyle point of view patients should not ignore physiological changes. Keep warm and avoid cold water. One should reduce on the intake of stmulating foods or alcohol. If the patient chooses hormonal treatment, then yearly pelvic exams are recommended.

Dolores Baretta

Stärken Sie die Abwehrkräfte

Die TCM will grundsätzlich sicherstellen, dass die Abwehrenergie des Organismus ausreicht. Diese Abwehrenergie besteht im Organismus aus Yin und Yang und aus Qi, der Energie von aussen, die durch die Ernahrung und die Luft aufgenommen wird. Qi bringt die Lebensenergie.
Denn sobald die Abwehrenergie geschwächt ist, wird der Körper anfällig für Erkaltungen. Die chinesesiche Medizin strebt an, die Anwehrenergie ausreichend zu stärken, damit der Organismus aus eigener Kraft Erkältungen bekämpfen kann.
Akupunktur stärkt das Immunsystem. Sie aktiviert sozusagen die `Innere Apotheke des Organismus`. Man kann es sich wie ein Computerprogramm vorstellen, bei dem man sicherstellt, dass es korrekt arbeitet.
Hat eine Person bereits eine Erkältung oder Grippe, kann man mit Hilfe der Akupuntur die Krankheitszeit verkürzen und die Genesungsphase einleiten.

Acupuncture and Assisted Reproduction Therapy

Influence of acupuncture on the pregnancy rate in patients who undergo assisted reproduction therapy.
Paulus WE1, Zhang M, Strehler E, El-Danasouri I, Sterzik K.
Author information
To evaluate the effect of acupuncture on the pregnancy rate in assisted reproduction therapy (ART) by comparing a group of patients receiving acupuncture treatment shortly before and after embryo transfer with a control group receiving no acupuncture.
Prospective randomized study.
Fertility center.
After giving informed consent, 160 patients who were undergoing ART and who had good quality embryos were divided into the following two groups through random selection: embryo transfer with acupuncture (n = 80) and embryo transfer without acupuncture (n = 80).
Acupuncture was performed in 80 patients 25 minutes before and after embryo transfer. In the control group, embryos were transferred without any supportive therapy.
Clinical pregnancy was defined as the presence of a fetal sac during an ultrasound examination 6 weeks after embryo transfer.
Clinical pregnancies were documented in 34 of 80 patients (42.5%) in the acupuncture group, whereas pregnancy rate was only 26.3% (21 out of 80 patients) in the control group.
Acupuncture seems to be a useful tool for improving pregnancy rate after ART.

What is Healthy Eating?



How Essential are Trace Elements to Our Health?

It is a fundamental fact that what we eat is essential to good health! This was described as far back as 450BC by Hippocrates where it was discovered that a lack of fresh fruit and vegetables could lead to disease. It is not only the vitamins and minerals within these products that are essential to maintain health but also minute amounts of trace elements. We are told that simply ‘eating healthy’ will give us the nutrients we need.  However, what healthy eating is for some is not the same for the others and information on what is ‘healthy’ can also be very contradictory! Furthermore, it can be debated as to whether we really are getting everything we need from the fruit and vegetables grown in essentially over-cropped soil.

What is ‘healthy eating`?

Healthy eating should basically be a varied diet with a balanced amount of protein, carbs, fruit and vegetables. Many people however, especially those wanting to lose weight, eat a high protein diet while others are addicted to a diet of highly processed carbohydrates. Essential to a balanced diet though is fruit, and more particularly vegetables. Research though has proven that the quality of the soil we use today to grow crops is often lacking in the essential minerals that it once had. The continuous cropping of this soil has led to the foods produced being nutrient depleted. Furthermore, fertilizers do not contain any trace elements that nourish the soil and there are also many problems with soil oxidation and soil PH. Exacerbating this, is the fact that there are many people who do not ‘eat healthy’, with a balanced diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, and instead live on fast ‘modern’ food, filled with herbicides and pesticides, additives, conservatives and flavourings.

So where are we Getting the Nutrients From?

With such depletion in the soil, it is obvious we are not getting these essential elements in the amount that we need. The question then must be raised as to what exactly is the amount we need to have as our Recommended Daily Allowance. For most nutritionists the RDA is the absolute minimum before deficiencies arise. It therefore makes sense to assume that if we are not getting the trace elements we need from the food we eat, then we are generally eating on the edge or below our RDA.

For those of us with access and know-how, we can avoid these deficiencies with good quality, easily absorbable supplements. For those who have no access or know-how, or even those taking inadequate products, the bodies store house is running on empty. The results of this can be seen not only physically but also mentally, with certain trace element deficiencies leading to ADHD, anxiety, aggression, bipolar disorders, depression, PMS and even schizophrenia. Our brain, as with the rest of the body, requires nutrition in order to function.  Many professionals say that adequate nutrition comes from a good quality diet.  Unfortunately a ‘good quality diet’ isn’t enough anymore.

There is a long list of trace elements that are essential to our dietary intake and all play a vital role. The amounts vary between mineral to mineral but even if we need them in minute amounts, we cannot survive without them. Some common trace element deficiencies can have substantial mental health implications. In order to prevent the increase in certain mental disorders, and as our intake of minerals through food is inadequate, the best we can do is choose a good quality multi-vitamin and mineral supplement in order to keep our body and mind free from possible life-debilitating illnesses.

Dolores Baretta

Dipl. Acupuncture

Nutritionalist and Therapist for US Biotek

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